«Health» offers 7 tips to prevent complications resulting from bad weather (get to know them)

The Ministry of Health and Population has provided important advice to citizens to protect against health complications that we may be exposed to as a result of weather fluctuations, a wave of cold weather, low temperatures and the intensity of wind movement that may reach the extent of a storm in most parts of the Republic.

The “Health” advice to citizens came through its official page on the social networking site Facebook, on Monday, as follows.

1. Wear a mask while leaving the house to avoid dust from entering the airways.

2. The necessity of sitting in well-ventilated places.

3. Keep away from crowded places.

4. Drink enough water, not less than 2 liters per day, to improve blood flow in the lungs.

5. Eat healthy balanced meals, especially foods that raise immunity, and are rich in vitamins E and C.

6. Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits and drinking warm fluids.

7. Take enough rest and sleep “at least 7 hours”.

weather condition

The Meteorological Authority had confirmed that the bad weather continues for 24 hours, and is represented by cold weather that reaches the stage of frost in some areas, where temperatures reach 2 degrees below zero in those places, accompanied by strong winds that raise sand and dust.

In 15 governorates, heavy rains fall, and their intensity reaches heavy and thunderstorms in some areas.

The Meteorological Authority advised citizens to take all preventive measures to avoid damage caused by low temperatures and severe changes in the weather, stressing that the wave of bad weather reaches its peak today, Monday.

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The weather in Alexandria

Snow fell in the early hours of the morning in the Al-Attarin and Bahri areas of Alexandria governorate, and Alexandria witnessed rain, wind movement and rising sea waves, which led to the closure of some areas, and sewage vehicles moved towards the affected cities to deal with the situation.


Bad weather continues to hit Alexandria.. Rain and snow and the closure of the gases
Bad weather continues to hit Alexandria.. Rain and snow and the closure of the gases
Bad weather continues to hit Alexandria.. Rain and snow and the closure of the gases




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