Health offers 55 vacancies in Family Medicine for the management of Primary Care in León and El Bierzo | El Bierzo News

Almost a third of the vacancies are for the province of Leon.

The Ministry of Health has offered 167 places, of which 32 will be for León and 23, the vast majority for the basic health area of ​​Bembibre, for El Bierzo

ICAL Valladolid

The Ministry of Health offered this Wednesday, through the Official Gazette of Castilla y León (Bocyl), a total of 167 vacancies in Family Medicine from a dozen Primary Care managements, as also recalled by the Minister of Economy and Finance and Acting Board spokesman, Carlos Fernández Carriedo, who put this measure as an example of the functioning of the regional government during his time in office.

Thus, the Ávila Management offers 13 places; 36 that of Burgos; 23 de la Bierzo, most of them for the basic health areas of Bembibre and Fabero; 32 for the Management of León; 18 for Palencia; three for Salamanca; four for Segovia; eight for Soria; four for East Valladolid; and 26 for Zamora.

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