Health of Pope Francis: Doctor forbids him to walk

Pope Francis revealed this Saturday, April 30, that the doctor forbade him to walk, so he has to obey the doctor and only greet people while remaining seated.

Upon receiving more than 2,500 pilgrims from Slovakia at the Vatican, the Holy Father explained that he would not be able to walk the corridors of the Paul VI Hall to approach the pilgrims present, but that he would only be able to greet some of the delegation by remaining seated due to because the doctor forbade him to walk.

“Now I will give you my blessing and we will pray together so that the Lord blesses everyone. And then I will say goodbye to you, but there is a problem: this leg is not right, it does not work, and the doctor told me not to walk. I like to walk… but this time I must obey the doctor! That’s why I’m going to ask you to make the sacrifice of going up the stairs, and I say goodbye to you from here. It is a humiliation, but I offer it for your country. Thank you,” the Pope explained.

Likewise, the Holy Father encouraged to experience the love of God to “face the trials of life with faith in order to come out of them being better” through a message sent by his official Twitter account @Pontifex_es.

“The joy of knowing that we are loved by God despite our infidelities makes us face the trials of life with faith to come out of them being better. Being true witnesses consists in living this joy, because joy is the characteristic sign of the Christian,” the Pope wrote.

health of the pope

During the General Audience on January 26, Pope Francis explained to the faithful gathered in the Paul VI Hall that he would not be able to walk the corridors, as he traditionally does, to greet those present due to a health problem.

“Allow me to explain that today I will not be able to be among you to greet you, because I have a problem in my right leg; a ligament in my knee is inflamed. But I will go down to greet you there and you will come to greet me, ”said the Pope, indicating a chair in which he later sat down to bless some people.

Regarding his health problem, the Holy Father added with a sense of humor that it is “something temporary. They say this only happens to old people, and I don’t know why it happened to me…”, he concluded with a smile as people applauded.



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