Health authorities report that four children were treated at Bloom Hospital after stampede

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In a television interview, the Minister of Health, Francisco Alabi, reported that four children were treated at the Benjamin Bloom Hospital after the stampede at Cuscatlán Stadium.

“They were immediately transferred to the Rosales, San Rafael, General Social Security hospitals. We saw many cases of damage to children, four children specifically taken to the Bloom hospital”, indicated Minister Alabi.

In addition, he said that during the emergency, around 50 ambulances were mobilized, which allowed an immediate response, from 5 to 9 minutes.

Patients were treated for asphyxia and multiple trauma. This due to the crowd of people trying to enter the stadium.

According to the head of MINSAL, about 100 people were treated at the stadium, including children, who were quickly taken to the Benjamin Bloom hospital.

He also stressed that health personnel are always present at events of this type, to respond to any emergency.

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