“Health” amends the “Corona Protocol” for the seventh time… and identifies 3 ways to prevent “monkeypox”

Wajdi Amin, Director of the General Department of Chest Diseases at the Ministry of Health and Population, member of the Scientific Committee for Combating Corona, revealed the amendment of the treatment protocol for the treatment of Corona patients and its variants, for the seventh time since the beginning of the pandemic so far, noting that new drugs have been added and some other drugs have been lifted, as Doctors will be trained on it during the coming period.

Amin added, in statements to “Al-Masry Al-Youm”, today, Saturday, that the therapeutic protocol is continuously modified according to the epidemiological situation in Egypt and the world, and in the event that any new mutations of the Corona virus appear, continuing: “The amendment is made in the event that new therapeutic drugs appear that prove their effectiveness. in treating patients,” pointing out that the amendment for the seventh time is not the end, and it is possible to amend according to the variables of the epidemiological situation and in a manner that achieves the interests of patients.

He explained that the Scientific Committee to confront the Corona virus is constantly updating the treatment protocol by adding drugs that have been proven effective in relieving symptoms and increasing recovery rates during the last period, stressing that the matter has nothing to do with the recent increase in Corona infections, but is related to the presence of new drugs.

The Director of the Chest Diseases Department pointed to a relative decrease in the number of people infected with the virus during the last period, noting that the current indicators confirm that most of the current infections are classified from weak to medium and do not need to resort to hospitals, stressing the need to follow preventive measures and be careful to receive the vaccine and the booster dose, especially For the elderly and those with chronic diseases.

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In a related context, the Ministry of Health and Population called on citizens to communicate with it, in the event of a corona infection, through the hotline, 105, to receive all various questions and inquiries related to the virus and home isolation, noting that all hospitals continue to raise the highest levels of maximum preparedness at the level of the governorates of the Republic. To follow the epidemiological situation of the virus, moment by moment, and take the necessary measures to maintain the stability of the epidemiological situation.

On the epidemiological situation of the Corona virus; Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, explained that the situation is being evaluated locally according to the National Program for Surveillance of Infectious Diseases, pointing to the low number of deaths compared to the number of infected people, as studies of the genetic sequence of Corona virus samples reported that all infected cases are infected with the Omicron mutant and its subspecies. .

Abdul Ghaffar stressed the readiness and readiness of all health facilities affiliated with the Ministry of Health to deal with the current and future developments of the pandemic, noting that the minister directed all directors of health directorates in the governorates to ensure that all workers are trained to implement various plans to deal with any developments related to the pandemic in case of need, with the need to constantly monitor the availability of stocks. Strategically enough medical supplies and medicines for the treatment of the Corona virus.

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On the other hand, the Ministry of Health and Population announced the measures taken by the ministry to address the monkeypox virus after its outbreak in a number of countries around the world, including raising the level of surveillance and suspicion in all land and sea ports and places of quarantine, in addition to issuing a guide for doctors in all governorates to indicate How to diagnose and treat any confirmed cases.

The Ministry of Health reiterated that no confirmed cases have been detected in Egypt until today, and that the possibility of the disease spreading in the Middle East countries is not high.



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