Head of the AfD Brandenburg: Things are getting closer for Kalbitz

The AfD right wing admitted that he was probably on a list by the Nazi organization HDJ. He continues to deny membership.

Salami tactician: Andreas Kalbitz Photo: Hannibal Hanschke / reuters

BERLIN taz | The case is clear for the protection of the constitution. AfD right winger Andreas Kalbitz was a member of the now banned neo-Nazi organization Heimattreue Deutsche Jugend, HDJ for short. The Federal Office has proof of this, said Brandenburg’s head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution Jörg Müller a few days ago in an interview with the taz: “An HDJ member entry of a ‘Family Andreas Kalbitz’ from 2007 with the number 01330.”

Now Kalbitz, head of the AfD-Brandenburg and so far one of the leaders of the supposedly disbanded “wing”, has at least admitted that it is “possible and likely” that his name will be listed on a “list of interested parties or contacts” of the HDJ. So it is, as Kalbitz confirmed the taz, in a statement from him to the AfD federal board. The research network of WDR, NDR and Süddeutscher Zeitung had first reported on the letter.

At the end of March, after the Office for the Protection of the Constitution had classified the “wing” as right-wing extremist, the AfD federal executive had asked Kalbitz to provide a list of the political organizations and associations in which he was a member or with whom he had been in contact. The Federal Executive Board had also requested the corresponding annual figures and explanations of the type of connection.

Membership in the HDJ, which, among other things, wanted to attract a new National Socialist elite in its camps, could mean Kalbitz’s political end in the AfD. Then, according to numerous party officials, it was no longer tenable. In terms of form too, exclusion in this case would be significantly less complicated than usual. Kalbitz would have had to indicate membership in the AfD party. Because he did not do this, the Federal Executive Board could withdraw his party membership by a simple majority – a mostly lengthy party exclusion process would then no longer be necessary. Kalbitz would be rid of all office immediately.

Kalbitz only admits what cannot be denied

But Kalbitz continues to deny that he was a member of the HDJ. He also sued the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), he told the taz on Wednesday. Domestic intelligence has refused to give him the “alleged evidence”, but he is now taking action. The Federal Executive had also asked him to do that. According to the research association, Kalbitz ’statement to the committee should include several letters from the Höcker law firm, which represents the AfD politician in legal action against the BfV. In it, the list of members, it is said, is referred to as “forgery”.

So far, Kalbitz had only admitted from the numerous stations of his right-wing extremist biography what he absolutely could not deny. Kalbitz has always tried to talk himself out, judges Brandenburg’s chief of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Müller. That is apparently the strategy now.

According to the research association, Kalbitz tried to refute all allegations in the letter and summed up: “Before my AfD membership, I was never a member of an association classified as right-wing extremist or on the incompatibility list and / or part of ‘organized right-wing extremism’, insofar as one could objectively legal or formal official classification and not left-wing radical narrative and a completely unfree and totalitarian contact guilt principle follows. “

Already on Friday afternoon, the currently twelve-member AfD federal executive board, to which Kalbitz himself belongs, will deal with his statements. The agenda also includes checking the self-dissolution of the “wing”, which the federal executive board had also requested. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution should have a good look at all of this. It would be “the decisive yardstick,” said Brandenburg’s head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Müller, “how the AfD federal board deals with Kalbitz”.