He won the Euromillions and his addiction is giving money

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Frances Connolly and her husband are back in the news because they continue to help others with their €129 million.

January 2019. Frances and Patrick Connolly bet and won: they were the winners of the first jackpot do euromillions of that year.

Nearly 129 million euros won by the Northern Irish couple, who didn’t even celebrate much at the time.

“We weren’t too excited. I gave a little scream when I found out we had the winning key and then we celebrated with a cup of tea and a hug,” Frances reported.

The couple in their 50s, who have been together for more than 30 years, had already said in 2019 that the priority he would be to help your friends and your family.

There was even a list that Frances had, with about 50 names of people that the winner knew she wanted to help with her money.

They said and they did.

In December of the following year, the couple had already appeared in the local news because they had already given in more than half of the money he won that day.

The offers, the aids, continue. In an interview with the BBC, Frances Connolly explained that she continues to give money because is “addicted” to helping the others.

“Helping other people gives you a kick and it’s an addiction. I’m addicted to it now,” revealed the grand prize winner.

Frances, who began to be volunteer when he was still a child, however, he created two charitable foundations. In addition, he helps people in local communities get jobs, and supports refugees and youth.

So money helped her in her mission and didn’t change her personality: “If you’re stupid before you make so much money, you’ll still be stupid afterwards. THE money can set you free, allow you to be who you want to be”.

Frances and Patrick had set an annual budget that would be spent on altruistic gestures – but in 2022 have already spent what they were supposed to spend by 2032.

The former teacher thinks she has already spent more than 70 million euros so far, in donations or offerings.

He thinks. It does not do the math in detail because the husband might be worried with the numbers if he saw them.

He has money and he has humor. And there are no luxury cars or yachts.

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