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People react in different ways to winning a big prize in gambling. In this case, a man confessed that 10 years ago he won 55 million dollars in the lottery and never told his family for fear of being asked for money. The subject said that he will keep the secret so as not to squander the millionaire sum.

The event happened in California, in the United States. A 67-year-old man reported that more than a decade ago he won 55 million dollars in the lottery. That award changed his life, but he made an important decision.

As the lucky man confessed in an anonymous letter he sent to “The Moneyist”, he never told his family and friends that he pocketed that sum of money. Something that most of the winners of these awards do not hesitate to share with their loved ones and friends.

In the letter, the winner maintained that one of the main reasons that led him to take this position is that his family would waste the millions. Moreover, the man stressed that his sister, who is very religious, would be able to ask him to donate half of the millionaire prize to the church.

I know my parents wouldn’t have asked for anything, but my sister would have told me to donate half to her church. I have not donated money to anyone or any organization. I also don’t believe in lending money to friends and family, no matter what. If I did I’d be brokedetailed in the letter.

In addition, he explained that he has no relationship with his sister after they quarreled and that is why at this time he decided that he would not tell her anything about it. “I don’t like her and now I’m 67 years old and I am very comfortable with my life. I don’t spend much. I have no children and my parents passed away.

And I add: “I haven’t talked to her in over 10 years. Hopefully she has no idea where I live; Besides, my parents took her out of her farm before she died. She tried to do horrible things to our parents, which I managed to put a stop to.“.

Finally, the man, who leads a life without luxury and only bought a house and a new car with the money, hesitated for a moment to announce that he won the lottery prize, but in the end he decided that will continue without revealing the secret.

You no doubt realize that money does not change who you are. However, it can change the perception that others have of you. People project their own needs, resentments, insecurities, and ambitions onto others. For that reason, I see nothing wrong with living your life the way you want to live it and resisting the urge to share the news with anyone, even and especially your family.sentenced.

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