“He who does not should not fear it”

El Dany, his wife and their daughter Daniela. (Photo: Iraisel – Instagram)

Almost a year after the unexpected death of Cuban artist Daniel Muñoz, known as “El Dany”, his wife Iraisel sent a strong message to all those who criticize her.

Since the death of El Dany, Iraisel has captured the attention of all the artist’s followers, who do not lose track of each post he shares and even of his personal life. The young widow was blunt with her words and assured that she will continue to publish what she decides on social networks.

Next, we reproduce his message published on Instagram:

“Now I fully understand that biblical passage that says:” The wicked brings out evil from wickedness, because the mouth speaks out of the abundance of the heart. ” This post goes to all that believing person to have the absolute truth (nothing is further from reality) because NOBODY possesses that gift. And although this will be the last time I make this kind of clarification, I think they are very meritorious, firstly because my daughter deserves respect for too much unhealthy and curious comments …

The 18 will always be my day, to dedicate it to my eternal love and that is not negotiable, many may see it as something symbolic, as a gesture of relief and others may also find it as something repetitive and although I respect and understand that Everyone has the right to interpret what they want and assume what they want (that is freedom of thought and I respect that) but from there to the ill-intentioned and disrespectful weed is very different. In my virtual home I decide what to upload, when, how and with whom, because the difference between me and the poisonous tongue is the simple reason that THE ONE WHO DOES NOT OWE IT DOES NOT FEAR IT, the human being has that fatal lack of tact of try to JUDGE and when I say try it is because, NONE OF US ARE READY TO PLEASE ANYONE, because in this life WE ARE ALL BROKEN AND BROKEN SOMEWHERE AND AGAIN TO AMEND WITH A LOT OF LOVE.

To me personally, life, God, the Universe, or whatever some want to call it, has given me THE MOST IMPACTING PAIN of my years and at the same time the most dimensional lesson of my days, in this world, as if to stop at absurd, confusing and wild speculations and assumptions regarding my life.

I know that many people will not understand my feelings, some will understand perfectly and others instead will try to navigate with my writing to understand the reason for this clarification, today I just want to make it clear that my attitude in my virtual home will always be the same: CONCENTRATED IN MY DAUGHTER, IN MY OVERCOMING AND INDIVIDUAL HEALING FROM LOVE AND RESPECT. To my Daniel to heaven: Thank you for giving me the strength that I didn’t even know I had !! ”.

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