He went to eat at a “cheto” restaurant in Palermo and they charged him a terrible fan for a Milanese sandwich | Chronicle

An influencer reported on her Twitter account having lived an unpleasant experience during your visit to one of the most “chetos” and innovative restaurants in the City of Buenos Airesknown for being set like the famous subways of the American city of New York, and its publication generated a hundred reactions in a short time.

Known on social media for her participation in the latest edition of the pastry reality show Bake Off Argentina, Paula Paternoster shared his release on Tuesday for the bad decision he made when he wanted to dine in one of the most fashionable and flashy restaurants in Palermo at the moment.

Paula from Bake Off visited the restaurant located in the basement of the Palermo neighborhood and shared her experience on Twitter.

The property is located in the heart of the city, below the streets, in the basement. A subway car set with posters in English and New York references takes future diners to a passageway with graffiti on the walls and other foreign urban and cultural signs. Finally, upon entering the restaurant, a proposal of haute cocktails and street-gourmet cuisine for an adult-youth audience is expected.

The young pastry chef and entrepreneur explained that the lowest blow that night was having had to pay for a milanesa sandwich, which was sold to him under the pseudonym of “Street Sandwich” at 2 thousand pesos.

“Yesterday we didn’t go out to celebrate because we are still recovering financially from the time we went to the bar decorated as a NY subway and they charged us a MILANESA SANGUCHE (that I didn’t even want) 2 lucas”indicated the twitterer, indignant, at the beginning of her post.

The former contestant Bake Off She confessed that what she originally wanted to order was one of the salads on the menu, but she pointed out that the waitress did nothing but confuse her and make her doubt her decisions. “It’s not good, it’s too small, I don’t recommend it”they advised him, but later, when he wanted to order another dish, they repeated the same speech: “No, it doesn’t have accompaniments, it’s just meat, and it doesn’t have any condiments…”the girl would have suggested.

However, when asking for a recommendation from the house, they brought him a “Street sandwich”, which was not very original: “a MILANESA SANGUCHE. Beto the one from the high school kiosk did them better” (sic), snapped the influencer.

The worst thing is that later it happened with the salad that I wanted and it looked like it!! God what a anger I’m still angry. How are you going to set up a NYC-themed bar and give me a Milanese sandwich?, (Sic), once again criticized the young pastry chef. Finally, Paula advised her followers that if they visited the Palermo restaurant, she should ask “a drink between 2” to get out “photos for Instagram” and that they will leave.

This is what a corner of the famous Palermo restaurant looks like inside.

The publication on Twitter generated a stir among users, who did not take long to react with more than 28.800 “likes” and several comments with signs of indignation and anecdotes of similar experiences.

“I went as soon as they opened and for dessert we ordered the ‘unstructured cheesecake’ (because there was nothing else that resembled normal food) and they brought us a plate with an extended spoonful of cream cheese, another of strawberry jam, and on the side some crumbs. of cookies… Poor and tastelessquestioned a user in the comment box.

Another netizen responded with a similar situation: “We went to eat too, we ordered a Fernet and a rarer drink. It took more than 45 minutes to bring me the Fernet and I had to prepare it myself. Then we ordered two hamburgers and they made a mistake and gave them to other people”Shooting.

Near the end of her release, Paula clarified that although she had reviewed the prices of each dish, she criticized the value at which the sandwich was charged because she expected “the best sandwich” of her life.

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