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In a restaurant in Turkey, a girl took the side of a cat and her actions were highly applauded on social networks. A man went to eat at a gastronomic place, and ran into a cat sleeping on one of the chairs at his table.

Automatically, the client demanded the waitress of the place “to take charge of the situation”, and her actions were not what he expected. Far from taking him out of the restaurant, the woman did not want to interrupt the animal’s nap, so she decided to change one chair for the other, without disturbing the cat at any time.

Both the client who wanted the cat at his table, as well as the other diners who were eating in the Turkey restaurant, they were surprised with the tender attitude of the girlwhich no one expected.

The actions of the waitress were recorded by the client of the place, and after sharing it on social networks, the video quickly became viral, reaching more than 4,000 views in a matter of minutes.

The client shared the video on their networks

“I went to a restaurant in Turkey. I offered my friend a chair to find this stray sleeping on the chair. I asked a waitress to handle this situation. This was her “handling.” gotta love turkeyfor the cats”wrote the author of the viral video.

The truth is that the population of cats in Turkey exceeds one million, so meeting a cat anywhere is something common for the inhabitants. In fact, many cats are cared for by neighborhood communities, with the aim that they have something to eat and, in turn, not sleep on the street.

However, it is not as usual for those who go to visit. The affection that the residents of Turkey have for cats surprised the tourist, and he took advantage of the situation to show the kind gesture of the girl on her social networks.

So much so that, without hesitation, he decided to leave a large tip to the waitress of the place, for her way of treating the animal. In addition, in the networks many were just as surprised as the client, and highlighted the respect that the inhabitants of Turkey have for cats.

“I love Turkey for how they treat cats as a country. Cat food dispensers everywhere, free stray treatment. You will find that the country in general has a special love for cats”commented one user.



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