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The father says that his 28-year-old son Michele was happy lately. “He had a record ready, with a single just recorded. He spent a few days in Bassano with Luna, his fiancée, then they were back together in the Bolognese hills ». Thursday 3 June Michele writes his latest post on Instagram: «I would like a sunset but my throat and head explode with evil. Remedies? ». Sunday evening, June 6, Michele Merlo, born in Marostica, on 1 March 1993, is gone forever. The family explained that «Michele had been feeling ill for days and on Wednesday he went to the emergency room in Vergato, but was sent home. The symptoms he had been presenting for a few days have been interpreted as a trivial viral form ». In fact, Michele continues to feel bad and on Thursday there is a cerebral hemorrhage, triggered by a sudden fulminant leukemia. The rush to the Ospedale Maggiore in Bologna, the delicate surgery, the Intensive Care, the hopes that are fading more and more. Until the heartbreaking farewell.

Internal investigation

The leaders of the Ausl have announced the opening of an internal investigation to clarify the resignation from one of the two Bolognese hospitals. Father Domenico confides: «There are many shadows in what happened to my son. He showed up at the hospital, he was sick but they bounced him. He showed up because the sore throat persisted, blood was coming out of his nose, he had a headache. They told him that he couldn’t clog the emergency room, and they sent him away prescribing an antibiotic … Now I want to be clarified. Michele was our only son, my wife and I need to know if all this pain could have been avoided. ‘


Michele Merlo, who died at 28: the insights

The messages

Once the tragic news was learned, many artists flooded social networks with messages of affection and pain forMike Bird (stage name): Emma, ​​Ermal Meta, Facchinetti, Morgan.Maria De Filippi who had had it in 2017 ad Friends, (reached the semifinals) wrote a letter recalling his “melancholy, his sweetness, his talent”. A talent who also wants to remember his father: «He must have been eight years old: he with the guitar in his hand. Even then it was clear that art ran in his blood. He sang, played, composed poems, painted beautiful pictures. After all, my mother, my wife Katya, has a beautiful voice and loves to sing. I, on the other hand, enjoy writing. Michele, however, has always had an edge. He said: “Dad, you’ll see that I can break through.” And he was one step away from succeeding … ». Really cruel fate with Mike Bird who was already thinking about his third album. And he was also a beautiful person. “He was a good soul – father still remembers – but he did not yield to any compromise. Like the time he quarreled with Morgan on TV and said to De Filippi: “Either he goes, or I go.” It was Morgan’s turn to pack. ‘ A tough guy, but who didn’t hide his frailties. After Friends e X Factor he had performance anxiety fits “but he talked about it quietly.” And dad Domenico with his wife at his side whispers: “I’m sure he could have made it through. Indeed, he will succeed, because through his art Michele continues to exist ».

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