He was driving with more than triple blood alcohol and collided with concrete walls of a work in Belgrano

Drunk driver crashed in Belgrano

A driver who was driving with more than three times the amount of alcohol in his blood that is allowed in the City of Buenos Aires collided today at dawn in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano, when his vehicle rammed some concrete walls that delimited a work zone in building. The 37-year-old man did not suffer serious injuries and was able to leave the scene by his own means, while police authorities proceeded to seize the driver’s license and the car because the alcohol test threw 1.64 grams per liter of alcohol in blood.

City Police sources told Infobae that personnel from the 13 A Neighborhood Police Station were alerted by a road accident and approached Figueroa Alcorta and Echeverría avenues. Once on site, it was found that a Honda Fit color car red had impacted retaining blocks that served as the perimeter of a building.

This was the front of the red Honda Fit that collided with retaining walls on Figueroa Alcorta and Echeverría avenues.

After identifying the driver in question, the officers asked Traffic officers to carry out the corresponding breathalyzer test, which gave a result of 1.64 grams per liter of blood alcohol, more than triple what is allowed for a private driver in CABA: the limit is 0.50 gr/l.

As a preventive measure, police personnel requested the presence of a SAME ambulance, whose doctor carried out a clinical check-up at the scene and verified that the man did not need to be referred to a nearby health center.

The Contravencional Prosecutor’s Office 4, in charge of Dr. Martín Yadarola, arranged to draw up the rigorous contravention act, in addition to the seizure of driver’s license and vehicle.

A new road accident involving an intoxicated driver was recorded this morning in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano.
A new road accident involving an intoxicated driver was recorded this morning in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano.

It should be noted that since February of this year, when the new regulations came into force for people who test positive in a breathalyzer control in Buenos Aires territory, A driver who releases more than 1 gr/l of alcohol in his blood is exposed to iDisqualification from the license from 4 months to 2 years and an infraction of 300 ($15,900) to 2,000 Fixed Units -UF- ($106,000), or 1 to 10 days of arrest.

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Positive alcohol cases are often repeated in the City of Buenos Aires. Without going any further, yesterday morning a blue Renault Megane was traveling at low speed on San Martín Avenue, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Agronomy, and collided with a sidewalk post.

Although the accident did not involve other vehicles, it could have triggered a misfortune: The driver was driving with almost double the alcohol in his blood than the legal limit.. This was revealed by a breathalyzer test in question, which showed that the man was driving with 0.93 alcohol per liter of blood.

The man – identified as Cristian Ezequiel Becker, from Buenos Aires, 33 years old, residing in Villa Solda- did not want to present the papers. At that moment, the agents asked him to get out of the car. He resisted and began to struggle with them. In the images shared by the news that covered the accident, it was possible to observe how two policemen tried to get the driver out of the car while he resisted with all his might to stay inside. Then, in an act of fury, he kicked the windows of a patrol car.

Video: this was the crash in Agronomy before the driver’s fury against a patrol car

“We came from a bowling alley. And yes, we had taken. We had gone to a bowling alley to have a good time and have fun. Later, my partner made a bad maneuver and we hit a post, “said Sol, the young man’s girlfriend, in statements to C5N.

According to the young woman, her partner resisted leaving the car due to verbal abuse received by the police. “They told him many things: to begin with they called him ‘gil’ for having crashed into a light pole. They also treated us as ‘blacks’ for being from Villa Soldati. Then they grabbed him, they wanted to hit him, I had to scream and ask them not to do anything. I saw that a policeman put his leg on his chest and told them not to do anything to him because he is asthmatic. And seeing what happened in the United States, I got scaredSol stated.

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Last Saturday, another similar episode occurred at the intersection of Córdoba and Scalabrini Ortiz avenues, in the Palermo neighborhood, where A driver was driving with more than twice the alcohol in her blood than was allowed and ended up embedded in a perfumery. According to the images captured by a security camera from the City of Buenos Aires, the car driven by a 42-year-old woman hit a Chevrolet Aveo, in which a man and two women were traveling and that had the turning light on to turn right. That collision preceded an oversight, which culminated in the car overturned and embedded in the window of a local chain of beauty and health stores “Las Margaritas”.

Drunk Driver Accident In Palermo

product of the collision, the driver suffered polytrauma and was referred by SAME personnel to Durand Hospitalwhile the rest of those involved were treated at the scene without complications.


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