He stuck a fork in his friend’s head and killed him

After a fight, a 27-year-old man was brutally killed after being stabbed to the head with a fork. By the fact there is a detainee, who would be a friend of the victim and would have rented him a room as a “favor”.

A 27-year-old man died of cutting injuries after another stabbed his head with a fork in the middle of a heated argument. The murder took place in the province of Córdoba and the alleged murderer was arrested.

According to relatives of the accused, it all began with a fight inside the house that both men shared on 1600 León Street in the Maipú neighborhood of the Cordovan capital. “They had a fight and we don’t know anything else,” said Mariel, the 34-year-old’s sister, the son of the owner of the house and the only one arrested for the crime. As the woman explained to Cadena 3, her family had rented the room to the victim “three or four months ago” as a “favor.”

“They knew each other and were friends. It all started because some things had been ‘lost’. He stole shoes, then clothes, a Play, the phone. And that’s how the fight began, but until yesterday everything was fine, “he said about the relationship between the detainee and the victim. “They won’t let us see my brother and my dad was having a crisis,” said the woman.


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