He sets fire to a neighbor’s house in Famalicão for feeling “rejected” and kills a dog

The Braga Court sentenced to four years and one month in prison, with suspended sentence, a man who set fire to the house of a neighbor, in Vila Nova de Famalicão, for feeling “rejected”.

By judgment of June 9, to which Lusa had access today, the court sentenced the defendant to two crimes of fire, explosions and other especially dangerous conduct and also for a crime of mistreatment of companion animals, this one related to the death of a bitch intoxicated by the flames.

The 48-year-old defendant was also accused of four crimes of damage, a crime of introduction into a place closed to the public and a crime of stalking, but in relation to these the victim withdrew the complaint, so that only the crimes of a public nature.

According to the judgment, the defendant felt “physically attracted” to the neighbor and “did not accept the position that she soon assumed of not responding to such desires”.

Therefore, the defendant, “moved by a growing feeling of frustration, which he could not overcome, and by impulses of effort, decided to create conditions of fragility and restlessness for the offended party, taking advantage of the knowledge he had of the habits and routines installed in life. of this one”.

On August 17, 2020, the accused entered the victim’s bed, in Vale S. Cosme, Famalicão, and “completely” opened the gas burner on the stove and left it “intentionally open”, allegedly to cause an explosion and fire if someone lit a match or a lighter.

The victim, however, noticed the smell of gas and closed the stove burner, thus avoiding a tragedy.

On August 24, 2020, the defendant returned to the victim’s house, set fire to a set of papers and cards and threw them into an annex, setting it on fire.

The fire caused damage to the house and the death of a dog from intoxication.

Two fire brigades were mobilized to the site, with 18 operatives supported by seven vehicles.

The defendant confessed to most of the facts, but said he was unable to clarify the reasons for his actions, saying only that he was “not right in the head”, which his habit of consuming alcohol in excess may have contributed.

He denied, therefore, that he had acted out of feelings of frustration or spite, derived from his rejection by the victim, for whom, according to him, he had no feelings of affection or physical attraction.

The defendant even said that the victim had expressed interest of that nature to him, through SMS and Facebook.

For the suspension of the sentence, the accused will have to pay 5,600 euros to the victim.

You will still have to continue or resume treatment for your alcoholism and depression.



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