He reached his 15th birthday in a collective and his life story went viral

The celebration of 15 years is a very special moment for adolescents. Many want to celebrate it with a great party surrounded by loved ones. Milagros had decided that instead, I wanted some skates to continue with his sports training in his native Santiago del Estero. However, when she was invited to various birthdays He asked his parents if a celebration was possible. Carla Corvalan and Fabián Ruiz did their best to make their daughter’s dream come true, and it was the young woman who surprised them with an emotion-laden request: she wanted get to his birthday in the bus where he spent many afternoons of his childhood, as revealed by the mother in dialogue with THE NATION.

The organization of the great event was in just two months. The parents were in all the details so that day became Mili’s dream night. With great help from family and friends, they knew how to respond to every need to make that happen. At the time of planning the event, they received proposals from their friends to lend them their vehicles so that the birthday girl had her distinguished entrance to the room.

The family celebrated the birthday (Photo Facebook Carla Corvalan)

“We don’t have a vehicle, we only have a motorcycle. So there was the idea that our friends offered us their vehicles, two cars and a truck. She decided that I wanted to go on the bus”, Carla details about the moment in which her daughter told them how she imagined her emotional arrival at the event, celebrated on May 21.

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Of course, the reason for the choice was not unwise, but the result of the most beautiful memories of the birthday girl.

Milagros grew up aboard the bus led by her father (Photo Facebook Carla Corvalan)
Milagros grew up aboard the bus led by her father (Photo Facebook Carla Corvalan)

Carla and Fabián are the parents of Milagros and Vector. When the children were young, they both worked to meet the family’s needs. Their work schedules were complicated, so they made the decision that their children will accompany their father in his work as a bus driver, In this way, their mother could look for them at one of the bus stops. line 118.

The children were cared for by their father while he worked (Photo Facebook Carla Corvalan)
The children were cared for by their father while he worked (Photo Facebook Carla Corvalan)

From that need formed a dynamic to protect the care of the two children. “I used to prepare a thermos with something hot for them to drink. At some stops, their father would buy them something to eat”, he detailed. For this reason, they were not surprised by Milagros’s request for their 15-year celebration, although despite what was expected, they were very moved.

the day of the birthday

Milagros’s special request would not be something impossible to fulfill, but the family You must have permission from the transport company. That is why they went to the person in charge to obtain it, who was the direct contact with the owner. Weeks passed without an answer, but five days after the event they received the happy news of the authorization.

Also, they knew the noble gesture of a colleague of Fabián. “The driver Felipe Gomez offered, because it is a schedule that nobody works and my husband couldn’t drive since my daughter wanted me not to see her already ready, “explained Carla.

The birthday was celebrated on May 21 (Photo Facebook Carla Corvalan)
The birthday was celebrated on May 21 (Photo Facebook Carla Corvalan)

The day of the event, Milagros got ready for her big party at a family friends’ house. Her cousin was in charge of helping her with makeup and hair. Once she was ready, the collective went to look for her. Along with the driver, they made a brief tour of the area, and finally They arrived at the living room where her family was waiting for her.

Milagros was received by her brother (Photo Facebook Carla Corvalan)
Milagros was received by her brother (Photo Facebook Carla Corvalan)

“It was something very exciting. No one knew so everyone was surprised. Everyone in the family was crying”, recalls Carla about that moment. However, not only they were moved but also those who were part of that story that Milagros remembers fondly. Among the guests, there were those people who saw them grow in the collective.

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“We invite many people who live at the starting points of the route of the line. They are people from the countryside where the journey ends and begins. They, knowing that my children were there They were waiting for them with something hot and when they came back they were also given a sandwich or other food. All very friendly,” he explained.

The repercussions of an image

After a magical night, Carla decided to share on Facebook the story behind a photo that began to circulate in various groups on the Santiago del Estero network. In the first instance, a user shared the image of Milagros within the group and launched a fierce criticism for the use of mobile, in the midst of a general demand from users for the city’s public transport service, which had been unemployed.

Carla shared the story behind her daughter's request on Facebook (Photo Facebook Carla Corvalan)
Carla shared the story behind her daughter’s request on Facebook (Photo Facebook Carla Corvalan)

The family understood that those who criticized the fact did not have all the information about what happened. For this reason, Carla made a publication in which she recounted how her daughter grew up on board that group that also accompanied her on her dream birthday. “It was, and it is the place where he works so that we cannot miss anything. And we fulfill the dream”, she wrote about her husband. And she added: “At my 15 in dad’s bondi”. In addition, he thanked the authorities who granted him the corresponding permit.

Milagros had her dream party (Photo Facebook Carla Corvalan)
Milagros had her dream party (Photo Facebook Carla Corvalan)

The publication had unexpected results for the protagonists. “It had an impact that we did not expect. We receive a lot of friend requests, calls, messages from Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela with beautiful words”, says the woman who is still surprised by the number of people who remember seeing their children on top of the bus, along with their father. For Carla, the beautiful night and the result of the viralization is a great pampering for the whole family, and she remarks that they fulfilled her objective: “She was very happy on her night.”

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