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Minnesota public radio on Tuesday checked President Donald Trump’s latest health care allegations – and completely demolished them.

“I was the person who saved preexisting conditions in your health care, you have it now, while winning the fight to get rid of the expensive, unfair and very unpopular individual mandate,” Trump tweeted Monday, prompted by a series of brutal announcements by presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg explaining how the president was undermining the health coverage of millions of Americans.

“People with pre-existing medical conditions have health insurance protection because of President Barack Obama’s health care law, which Trump is trying to dismantle,” said MPR. Furthermore, the “short term” plans that Trump offers, because his alternative to the ACA market does not cover pre-existing conditions, and neither they nor the “associative health plans” that Trump has expanded “seem to have made much difference on the market”.

In addition, noted MPR, “the Trump administration has lobbied for the complete repeal of the Obama-era law, including provisions that protect people with pre-existing conditions from discrimination from the ‘health insurance… Before the Affordable Care Act, any insurer could refuse coverage – or charge more – to anyone with a pre-existing condition who was looking to buy an individual policy. “

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