An owner of a 70,000-euro apartment in Perpignan recently offered a collector to exchange his property with a very rare Pokémon card, sold on the internet.

He will obviously do everything to be the winner, even if that requires a certain dose of courage. A Pokémon fan made a name for himself by going to great lengths to collect one of the precious cards.

A collector had previously put up for sale a Pokémon card at 70,000 euros on Ebay. This card bearing the image of Charizard is after its owner “collector”. “There are only five similar copies in the world,” he explains to the Parisian.

A prohibitive price, which did not discourage our master trainer who offered to exchange his apartment estimated at a similar value for the card.

Charizard at all costs

The card is no longer available on the site, so it is not known if the transaction has been completed, reports CNews.

If the affair can make you smile, it should nevertheless be noted that the prices of Pokémon cards continue to increase. Last June, another Charizard card was auctioned for nearly 8,000 euros. Still higher, another card of the famous fire dragon has even been sold on Ebay for 140,000 euros, but has not yet found a sufficiently wealthy trainer.

VIDEO – Pokémon Cards: a business that is (no longer) child’s play

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