He made his girlfriend believe that they were going to a fancy restaurant, the prank went wrong and went viral | Chronicle

A guy wanted to play a prank on his girlfriend, but his partner’s reaction left him totally surprised. It was thus that he made the decision to share the entire sequence in TikTok and the video turned viral.

The protagonists of this curious video are two young Mexicans: he told his girlfriend to get ready because they were going to have breakfast at a restaurantbut the woman was very surprised when she arrived at the place that “promised” her.

They actually arrived at a market in Tabasco, Jalisco (Mexico), so the tiktoker thought that his beloved was going to be disappointed. However, the opposite happened. and his reaction went viral on social media.

To the young man, known on the Chinese social network as @chabexxpmWithout a doubt, he got the “shot in the butt”for believing that his girlfriend would end up disappointed when eating some tacos at the ‘José María Pino Suárez’ Public Market, located in Villa Hermosa.

At the beginning of the video, the boy mentions that he told her to look “pretty”, because he would take her to breakfast at a restaurant, and the image shows the young woman putting on makeup to rise to the occasion as they drive to the site

But when they arrived at a market in Tabasco, the unthinkable happened. His girlfriend ordered four roast beef tacos and six tripe tacos, and she was delighted with the place. That’s it? Of course not. The woman repeated because she liked how they prepared it.

“I think he liked it because there are two more”said the young man while the girl responds to the camera with a gesture of joy.

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The video was uploaded this Saturday, May 7, and since its publication date, It has already added almost 1 million and 99.5 thousand “likes”.

“Since she tied her hair, it’s because she was seriously going to wear her heels”, “The smile of women when they eat”, “No, daughter. If they tell you the tacos, that’s not it.were some of the comments the viral clip received.



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