It turned out that Sena Altan (24), the director of the textile factory in Izmir, was killed because he did not accept Ilkay Ayes’s offer to be a lover.

The incident took place in an apartment on 220th Street in Kozağaç Mahallesi around 11:00 yesterday. After Ilkay Ayes came to Sena Altan’s house, there was an argument between them. After the argument turned into a fight, Ayes stabbed Sena Altan with the knife she brought with her many times.

While Sena Altan was falling to the ground in blood, Ayes injured herself with the same knife. Upon the notification of those who heard the voices, the police and medical teams were sent to the address. Ayeş lost her life at the scene, and Sena Altan could not be saved despite the intervention of doctors at the Buca Maternity and Pediatrics Hospital, where she was taken with serious injuries.

The bodies were taken to the Izmir Forensic Medicine Institute Morgue for autopsy. After the autopsy, the bodies were taken by their relatives. It was learned that Altan will be buried in Istanbul tomorrow.


New details about the murder have also emerged. It was stated that Sena Altan, who worked in a textile company in Torbalı after studying fashion and design at a university in Izmir, recently got a job as a manager in a textile company in Bornova, and moved to the house where the murder took place about 2 months ago.

It was stated that on the day of the murder, Altan was alone as his roommate was not in the flat. It was stated that Sena Altan, whom Ayeş had long wanted to be a lover, had a boyfriend and was planning a wedding for the summer next year, so she rejected his offer.

On the other hand, it was learned that a suicide note was issued to be given to his family on Ayeş, who is alleged to have psychological problems. It was reported that Sena Altan’s acquaintance with İlkay Ayeş was from Istanbul, where she lived with her family before.

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