'He kept yelling stop and something snapped…': Victim of bullying, 15-year-old stabs schoolmates

'He kept yelling stop and something snapped…': Victim of bullying, 15-year-old stabs schoolmates

The terrible affair took place this Monday afternoon, A. enters the bus to go home. “During boarding, a group of teenagers was apparently jostled, which caused an incident”, report our colleagues from “Het Laatste Nieuws”.

“A. immediately got a lot of swearing in the head,” says a family member. “There were about five other people. He was alone and walked to the back of the bus where he remained seated. However, he did not stop receiving insults during the whole journey”.

The teenagers recognized each other on the bus, but did not know each other personally. They all go to the same school in Stevoort.

“When A. finally got off at his stop, this group suddenly followed him and harassed him again. They never get off at this stop, because they don’t live nearby either,” says A’s family.

something broke

“I should never have had that knife in his pocket. I ordered it online at bol.com not long ago, and secretly took it to school. To show it to my friends,” he says himself.

At one point, A. loses control and stabs a girl under the chest, in the abdominal region, and when a 16-year-old boy tries to intervene, he too suffers a cut in his arm.

A. is immediately arrested on the spot. As for the victims, the young girl is in the hospital but her condition is stable.

The juvenile court has assessed the facts thoroughly and will require the boy to undergo training to learn how to deal with similar situations in the future. He is also under house arrest, he is forbidden to take the bus for the moment. Students will be prohibited from contact in both directions.

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