Francesco Fredella

Fedez against Rovazzi. And viceversa. Something happened between the two singers in 2018 that distanced them. Then the absolute silence and many mysteries, suppositions, indiscretions. Now Fedez is at the center of what could be a new wave of controversy because Fabio Rovazzi spill the beans and points the finger at the rapper.

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Rovazzi is a guest of “Stories”, the cycle of interviews with some protagonists of the Sky Tg24 entertainment world. Speak without filters and without secrets. For the first time. “It is a difficult situation to explain that one there (the one with Fedez, ed) … It cannot be explained. Above all, I never wanted to bring it to the public level, I always liked talking face to face with people”, Rovazzi says. then he continues: “After all the things that have happened I think I have seen him at least twice, talking about everything and clarifying several aspects of the whole situation. And I’m sorry, basically I’m very sorry because it was a real friendship, in the sense that we became friends long before I became who I am. It was born super spontaneously and it was a true friendship “.

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Eventually comes a real stinging statement. Unexpected. “On the one hand, there is a person who really struggles to forge bonds, unlike me, in the sense that he is very badly trusted by default. I was sorry that he had to take her to the public level, when we could objectively talk about it quietly. The only thing I can say about that situation is that I am very sorry, that yes, that surely “, he concludes. Now we await Fedez’s answer. The story continues. Second half.

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