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Jozy Altidore


The Club Puebla closed with a real bomb booster :Josmer Volmy Altidore. Known as Jozy, the American striker arrived by surprise at one of the most modest teams in Liga MX, considering that the camotero team does not have a millionaire budget like teams like Rayados or Tigres.

According to ESPN sources, Altidore enjoys a salary of around 4.5 million dollars. If we compare it with Liga MX salaries, he ties with the third highest paid player in the league: Guillermo Ochoa. That is why Puebla will only pay part of the striker’s salary in these 6 months on loan.

More news from Puebla:

Goodbye Ochoa and Gignac, to earn 4.3 million dollars, what Altidore would earn in Puebla

He made fun of Mexican football, now Altidore talks about his arrival at Puebla

After Fernando Aristeguieta’s injury, Larcamón gave an emergency call for the board to find the ideal replacement. We’ll see if Altidore lives up to the team’s needs, and if Larcamón manages to get him back to the level we’ve seen in teams like Toronto FC.

Not Jozy Anymore: Altidore’s New Nickname

Within the reception of fans on social networks, the memes also began. A user commented as a joke that he would start with putting Altidore in the Fantasy of Liga MX, putting an image of the American rapper Kanye Westwhich led many to baptize it in such a way or confuse it as a joke:

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