He is 21 years old, won the million in The 8 steps and excited everyone by telling what he will use the money for

The passage to the final was defined by approximation, since they achieved a ‘perfect step’ in Literature by answering all the questions correctly.

The question that gave Lourdes the victory was asked by the special guest, the astronomer and popularizer, Claudio Martínez: “Which of these astronomers made the heliocentric theory: Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, Nicolaus Copernicus or Ptolemy?”.

Both answered incorrectly when choosing option B, but due to the difference in accumulated correct answers, Marina won the million pesos.

The emotion of the young winner of The 8 million steps

“It started complicated, and it became more solid along the way, especially in the final”, Martin Liberman pointed out.

“How are your eyes? You know that now I ask you a question”, Indian Guido the Duckgiving rise to the question he asks each contestant after winning the jackpot.

But before she could even ask the question, Marina answered: “The answer is yes”confirming that he would return to the program to compete for two million pesos.

The 8 million steps



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