He invites Orsini into the studio and they censor her. Because it is absurd to close Berlinguer

Italian journalism is put like this: the Berlinguer it is made out of Rai 3. When it happened to me no one cried, because “free information” is only on the left. But the fact is, the reasons they shut down the program are insane. If the Berlinguer is not good, you take away the program, but if it plays well, why do you have to kick it out?

Now it’s going well because the show is built to please its audience. Yet the Rai he decides to close the program because the “public service” cannot invite Alessandro Orsini? The truth is, this is called censorship. They do not let her resume her program because she is on the boxes at the top of Viale Mazzini. It is a hallucinatory thing.

from the Leek Soup of 8 May 2022

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