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After being left out of the programming of America with its cycle of entertainment, pamela david She devoted herself to her family, to the networks and to her new venture where she works as a businesswoman, since she recently launched her own line of wines.

Calm and choosing to do what she enjoys and is good for her, Daniel Vila’s wife also makes time to visit television programs and give interviews. And some of that happened when she participated in Desperezatethe cycle that carries forward Diego Perez.

In an intimate hand in hand that he had with the actor and who knew how to be his partner at the head of American breakfastPamla reviewed different moments of her life and it was in that talk that, without wanting to, she confessed the reasons why she does not have pets … and sent her husband to the front.

During the pandemic, Pamela and Daniel made their life in isolation a kind of reality show where from everyday life they shared their day-to-day lives with their followers and where the businessman demonstrated his culinary skills. However, at no time, as part of the family circle was the presence of a dog or cat perceived.

“I am very proud of my children. Daniel, the great love of my life. My lovely family. But in that image, Daniel’s daughter, Luchi, who lives with us, is missing. She is studying here at UADE”began to detail the former participant of The bar while watching a postcard of his family on screen.

To which the driver, listening to his guest, and out of curiosity to know if any animal was also in the home, asked: “Do you have a pet?” Immediately Pamela replied: “No.either. when I met Daniel he told me: the only thing I will never want to have is pets”.

“I don’t have pets. When I met Daniel he told me: the only thing I will never have is pets,” David confessed.

“Oh, I ask you. I want. I’m there to convince him to have a kitten. I almost convinced him and then he regretted it.” confessed Pamela who has been with the businessman and father of her daughter Lola for more than a decade.

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