he feels bad. The off-air worries the public

One of the protagonists of the last episode of Big Show he fell ill during the off the air. Let’s find out what happened.

How does Big Show work?

The goal of the program is to choose among the public of the Massimo Auditorium in Rome or among the spectators who follow from home, ordinary people: men and women with a talent or with the desire to make a dream come true, who will find themselves at the center of the scene without their knowledge.

Everything will be marked on the surprise effect: Variety cameras will arrive in the most unlikely places with the help of relatives and friends.

Those directly interested can be reached while having dinner, cleaning, during a walk and in many other situations. In this way, a very normal evening will turn into a special opportunity to be able to perform live, perhaps with your own idol.

The chosen people could also become the protagonists of a very exciting surprise to remember forever. Henry Daddy will be joined as always by Zeudi of PalmaMiss Italy 2022, Cristina D’Avenasent to the singer and the comedian Sparkvery clumsy footman.

Big Show: guests and previews of April 28th

The great adventure of Big Showthe variety proposed by Channel 5 in prime time, it continues with a change of programming. The people show hosted by Henry Daddy it has moved, in fact, from Friday evening to Thursday evening, giving way to The Island of the Famous.

Survival reality will thus be able to counter the ratings of The Bandthe talent led by Carlo Conti are Rai 1 in the same time slot.

The guests of the fourth episode of Big Show they will be Donatella Rettore and Ivan Cattaneotwo great personalities of the Italian music scene of the 70s.

On the previous episodes Henry Daddy He hosted Ivana Spagna, Ron, Giulia Salemi, Alex Britti, Gigi D’Alessio, Roberto Giacobbo and Johnson Righeira.

The appointment with the format, which has already met with great success in Great Britainis for tonight at 9:40 pm on Channel 5, after Strip The News. We will thus be able to attend the performances of the ordinary people who will find themselves unexpectedly on stage and will be involved in an unforgettable evening.

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Even the fourth episode will be full of funny skits alternating with moments of real emotion, thanks to the skill of the conductor.

Henry Daddyinvolves the characters, dragging them onto the stage with his characteristic irony, inventing continuous subterfuges to convince them.

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Big Show can be streamed on the completely free platform of Mediaset Infinity, where reruns of the program are also available. The platform allows you to access content through smartphones, tablets, PCs and smart TVs.

Big Show Fear: Feeling Bad. The off-air worries the public

A musician who feels bad during the off-air and takes his place from an audience member, that is Tommaso.

The man, without knowing it, had the opportunity to realize his dream of playing drums with a real orchestra in front of a large audience.

No off-air, therefore, and no illness but everything organized with the complicity of the partner who wanted to make his dream come true as he had to give up due to various family problems. A nice surprise that Henry Daddy managed to do.



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