He falls off a slope, his Alaskan Malamute warms him for 13 hours until help arrives: “ There is no limit to friendship and love between man and dog ”

VOLARICE. The image of North, an 8-year-old Alaskan Malamute and his owner, the first above the second around you lying on a stretcher. An image that tells of a misadventure that took place in the mountains, in Croatia, and of the extraordinary relationship that can develop between a dog and his best friend.

To spread it l‘Croatian Mountain Rescue Service the Croatian mountain rescue which described the recovery operation of an injured person on January 1st in Velebit area, mountain range of the Dinaric Alps and runs parallel to the coast. The man lost his balance while climbing a slope, falling with the dog along a slope.

The animal was unharmed while his owner was unable to move anymore due to a trauma to his leg. For their part, the two companions of the wounded man who remained at the top of the ridge could not reach the man and so they rushed to call for help.

Meanwhile the man remained for 13 hours on the ground in the snow, in the cold. North, the Croatian mountain rescue he climbed on his master and with his thick hair kept him warm, preventing him from hypothermia, and awaiting the arrival of the rescuers who then urgently took the man to the hospital.

Friendship and love between man and dog know no bounds“, We read on the Facebook page of the HGSS, in a post that at the end of the story, adding that”his loyalty did not run out even when the rescuers arrived (and in fact it remained on its master even when loaded on the stretcher ed). We can all learn to take care of each other starting from this example “.


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