He enters the gym in Gallarate at night and steals 8 thousand euros in one year

He no longer worked there, but he has well thought of making the bunch of keys still in his possession “yield” to enter at night and take away – to the sound of small amounts – thousands of euros. The protagonist of the cunning (but ultimately unsuccessful) plan was a 36-year-old former employee of a gym in Gallarate. Which in the end it was arrested committing a crime fromthe investigators of the Commissariat of Gallarate, in the early morning of today, Tuesday 22 March.

The doubts had already been ignited for a few months: the owner of the gym, following a series of feedback on various collections from October last year to todayhe had in fact found a total shortfall of around 8000 eurosprobably removed on several occasions in the period under review. In fact, small numbers were missing, which perhaps could have escaped a rough check but in the end they emerged over time

After the discovery of the shortfall, the owner and his collaborators have a video surveillance system was installed in the gymwhich made it possible to ascertain that the former collaborator, who evidently remained in possession of a copy of the keys of the business, periodically visited the gym at times when he knew he could act undisturbed and withdrew various sums of money from the cashier.

Having acquired the complaint together with the videos and images recorded (in at least two episodes), the agents of via Ragazzi del ’99 set up a series of targeted stalking aimed at catching the thief in the act of crime, “marking” some banknotes as well for safety. AND this morning, just as he was unpacking from the gym’s cash register part of the sum held, they arrested him, putting an end to the series of thefts to the detriment of the former employer.

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Placed at the disposal of the judicial authority, the 36-year-old – Italian and with a clean record – will have to answer for the crime of continued aggravated theft. He will be tried on Wednesday by direct line.



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