By grilling sausages in front of the exhaust to make a video on social networks, this Chinese destroyed his Lamborghini Aventador.

The sculptural Lamborghini Aventador has an atmospheric 700 horsepower V12 that howls majestically. Its central exhaust outlet can even spit flames at times, which gave a Chinese owner some ideas to stand out on social media.

The idea? Roar the engine off to generate large flames in the exhaust and grill sausages. The small group of people dedicated to this original production therefore do so, omitting a small important detail: the operation is not without risk for the mechanics in case of excess.


And the worst happens after a few long seconds of revving: the V12 gives up arms in a cloud of smoke. The large puddle of liquid that then drains from the car leaves little hope for its survival. In short, the video will indeed make the buzz on social networks but it will cost more than expected.