“He descends from Benito Mussolini. So…”: who scars Silvia Sardone

“He descends from Benito Mussolini. So…”: who scars Silvia Sardone

Fabio Rubini 24 March 2023 y y Anything goes, but getting a lesson in “immigration management” from a Greek might not. This must be more or less what Northern League MEP Silvia Sardone thought when she was referred to as a “descendant of Mussolini” by a certain Konstaninos Arvanitis, Greek MEP of The Left. Let us briefly reconstruct the story. A few days ago the working group dealing with the immigration dossier entitled “Mechanism in the event of a migration crisis” met. In addition to the official rapporteur of the provision, the meeting is also attended by the so-called “shadow rapporteurs”, ie the MEP whom each group designates to follow a given provision. During the rather technical discussion, Arvanitis comes out fresh and beautiful with a direct attack on the Sardone. “What does it mean?”. Elly Schlein speaks, Alessandra Sardoni humiliates her like this | Video First, the Greek explained that “Italy does not have a culture of hospitality”; then not happy he defined the MEP of the League “a descendant of Mussolini” and therefore “fascist”. The Italian MEP did not take it well. “I turned to the official speaker who was presiding over the meeting – Silvia Sardone explains to Libero – and asked him to direct the meeting without allowing insults and statements that had nothing to do with what we were discussing”. Sardone, however, goes further. “See this stuff?” Shame against Italy, the Sardone puts the lie to Europe | Video «Honestly, what annoyed me was not only the association with the fascist regime, but the fact that this statement was made by the representative of a country, Greece, which has always pushed back migrants on the Turkish border. They are the same migrants – the Northern League sinks – who then leave from the Turkish coasts risking their lives», among other things passing right in front of the coasts of Greece which, at best, pretends not to see the boats. “For this – continues Sardone – I explained to my colleague that in terms of managing migrants, Italy is a black belt…”. The Northern League then concluded her speech with a joke and reminded Arvanitis that “the only Mussolini who sits in the European Parliament is my friend Alessandra and she is in the EPP and is in the same majority coalition to which she belongs Arvanitis”.



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