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The paths of life and death are mysterious and with no way to decode them, and an example of this was demonstrated by a 50-year-old man, who suffered from a strange condition that she had never been diagnosed and ended with her death.

The truth is Jason Da Costa was suffering from strong cough for more than two years, and had been diagnosed as being caused by mucus from the back of the nasal cavity passing into the throat. She lived normally, until one day went to the doctor and died suddenly.

“They said that in an hour I would be home”, his daughter lamented, after the disconcerting response that the family received from the doctors who treated him. Meanwhile, he wanted to tell the truth about himself, when time allowed him to open up.

Of course, it later became known that his unexpected death was due to an undiagnosed condition. Jason, who lived with his wife in Singletona town in Lancashire, United Kingdom and was the father of four children.

Jason Da Costa lived in a town in the UK (Twitter).

After the sudden episode that caused a heart attack, it was later learned who had been living with a heart condition.

The family remembers the episode that happened in the middle of the pandemic in May 2020, when the father planned to go out for a ride in the afternoon.

heartbreaking testimony

It happened overnight, was fine and had planned to go for a bike ride. Then I received a call from his wife at 5:00 p.m. to tell me that an ambulance had to be called because my dad had a heart attack, ” remember your daughter Madeline Da Costa the disturbing moment with LancsLive.

“I drove to his house with a friend and we called the hospital Blackpool Victoria Hospital. They said that she was in surgery to place a stent in her heart and that we had to wait for him to come out so he could give his consent to share the information,” story.

And continues: “I was supposed to be out in an hour, so I dropped my friend off at his house and drove to my mom’s.”

Just when he was at home with his mother, the call that nobody wants to receive came: “From the hospital they warned that unfortunately he did not survive“, she recalled still moved.

What really happened?

After receiving the devastating and unexpected news, it was eventually learned that Jason was not living with post-nasal drip, but rather he had been living with heart disease for several years.

The timing of Jason’s death coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic. coronavirus and a number of restrictions imposed in public places, such as hospitals.

Madeleine decided to honor her father (Twitter).

Madeline, 22, revealed: “It was hard not being able to say goodbye, but it was good to have seen it the week before. From the hospital they asked if we wanted to see him, but I think it’s because he worked for the NHS (National Health Service).”

In fact, Da Costa was the chief information officer for Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, a position based in Blackpool. While, colleagues described it at the time as “larger than life” and a “great friend”.

“It was a shock to allyes He was an active man, he didn’t go to the gym all the time or anything, but he enjoyed biking, horseback riding and camping.” points out.

Jason lived in Manchester until Madeline’s 12th birthday, when she moved to Lancashire and the couple grew closer.

daughter goal

now madeline will complete a parachute jump in memory of his father and to raise money for the British Heart Foundation, something he felt he couldn’t do before.

Because of all that I was left with post-traumatic stress disorder. It was sudden and hard to process.” the young woman marked, making it clear that time can heal wounds, but it leaves a mark.

Two years later, the daughter felt that she could finally tell what happened and remember her dad, so she decided to raise money and help others in some way through the page of GoFundMe de Madeline.

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