Eden Hazard has one bullet left to put on the one he himself has admitted has been “Worst season” of his career individually. The duel on August 7 against Manchester City, corresponding to the second round of the Champions League, is the obsession of the Belgian, who hastens the days off that Zinedine Zidane has granted to the Real Madrid team after winning the League in order to continue recovering his damaged right ankle and arrive in the best possible conditions to an appointment in which the whites will require the best version of the ‘7’ to overcome the tie.

There is no footballer as unbalanced on Real Madrid’s squad as Hazard. The coach, his teammates, his rivals and the star himself know it, who needs a performance to match his enormous talent at Etihad Stadium to leave behind the hardships of a course in which injuries have prevented him from leading his team as originally assumed.

The La Louvière crack has experienced a real ordeal since June 13, 2019 was presented with galactic pomp at the Santiago Bernabéu as a new Real Madrid player. It was the fulfillment of a dream but it also turned out to be the beginning of a nightmare in the physical area. During his seven seasons at Chelsea, he only stayed 192 days in the dry dock and missed twenty games due to various mishaps, but in his first campaign in white he has added 186 days in the infirmary that have forced him to be absent from 26 crashes.

An injury to the right anterior rectum just before the league debut against Celta delayed his debut in an official match as a Real Madrid player until the fourth day and, when he began to pick up cruising speed, the fateful entry of his compatriot Thomas Meunier in the duel against PSG in the group stage of the Champions League hosted by the Santiago Bernabéu.

The blow to his right ankle, the same one in which a titanium plate was placed in the summer of 2017, caused a three-millimeter fissure in his foot that crucified his desire to lift the merengue parish from his seat with his game. of fantasy. He returned in mid-February, but the relapse was almost immediate. Another fissure, this time in the right distal fibula, sent him to the operating room in Dallas and has never been the same.

He only participated in six of the eleven games after confinement, none in full. He could barely provide two assists and his most notorious record was that of fouls conceded: 20. In the 16 days of the League in which Zidane had his contest, he was arrested 49 times in an irregular manner, at the rate of 3.1 per encounter. An average much higher than Leo Messi, 2.1 per avoid. All a sign of the fear that their starts generate in the adversaries but a reason for concern at the same time for Real Madrid. “We know the player he is and also the rivals. Hopefully there is no intention to harm him, “said his coach.

Thorn nailed

Now Hazard has focused on the Champions League. A competition in which a thorn is stuck. He landed at Chelsea just after the ‘blues’ raised the only ‘orejona’ in their history and his top in the competition were the semifinals he played in the 2013-2014 academic year. He never went past eighth again. Although during his stay the London club twice won the Premier League and raised the Europa League twice, the ‘7’ still has a it has pending the maximum continental competition who hopes to pay off wearing the sheepskin coat of the thirteen times king of Europe.

“The season is already very good, but I think it could be even better if we qualify for our second leg of the Champions League round of 16. When you play for Real Madrid, you want to win all the titles. The next one has to be the Champions League, although it will be difficult, because we have to play against Manchester City and they have a very good team, “Hazard said a few days ago, whom Zidane continues to care for to be that nuclear weapon that the Whites need to dismount the set of another surrendered admirer. Belgian international Pep Guardiola.

«If Hazard is not playing well, something happens in Madrid. It is good to say enough. Top no, the following. What we saw these years in England is a world-class player, ”said the Santpedor coach weeks before City took a valuable 1-2 from the Bernabéu in a game that the ‘7’ of the Whites lost due to injury. Now the Belgian has a chance to get even.