A total of 137 islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, all of volcanic origin, most of them uninhabited, belong to Hawaii. Hardly any other region is as shaped by the sea as the 50th state of the USA. “mareTV” tells the stories of the islanders and their close relationship with the ocean.

The islands of Hawaii offer dream beaches in a tropical landscape.

At over 80, Buffalo Keaulana is still on the surfboard and knows all about the history of surfing. He has posted a bench on Makaha Beach around which his entire family clan regularly gathers.

Navigate without modern devices

Captain Chadd Paishon studied wayfinding. Now, like his ancestors, he can cover thousands of nautical miles without technical aids such as GPS or radar. Even schoolchildren can learn to navigate on replicas of the legendary canoes: with their ears on the ground, they listen to the waves.

Ficshauktion in Honolulu

The fish auction in Honolulu is no less exciting: at dawn, the restaurant chefs bid for the best seafood delicacies. Many of them are from Chinatown. In the middle of the turmoil there is also a European exotic: a Frenchman who is considered to be the inventor of Hawaiian nouvelle cuisine.

Hula is from Molokai

In addition to driving the school bus on Molokai Island, Moana Dudoit teaches the hula dance, the real one. Hula has its origin on Molokai and is not used here to greet tourists, but to pass on legends and myths.