Hawaii launch of Klevers Frank Dombek burst

Bitter end shortly before the competition
Corona stops Kleve’s Ironman Frank Dombek in Hawaii

The 55-year-old has to cancel his start at the World Cup. Why the days on the Pacific island will remain unforgettable for him.

What bad luck for Frank Dombek! The Klever triathlete’s dream of starting the legendary Ironman in Hawaii for the first time almost burst on home soil. A corona infection prevents the 55-year-old from participating in one of the world’s most demanding endurance competitions on Saturday. “Obviously it’s extremely bittersweet,” said Frank Dombek, who bought the Hawaii ticket a few weeks ago at the Ironman competition in Copenhagen, Denmark, finishing fourth in his age group and thus achieving his big goal for this season has.

The employee of the city administration in Kleve already flew to Hawaii at the end of September to be well prepared for the world championships over the long distance (3.8 kilometers swimming, 180 kilometers cycling, 42.2 kilometers running). “I need a few days to acclimatise and get used to the conditions. And of course I would also like to see something of the island,” says Frank Dombek. He put in tremendous training for months to achieve a good result at the World Championships in the Pacific Archipelago. Klever, who started triathlon in 2007, wanted to stay under the eleven-hour mark.

Frank Dombek certainly wants to be on the court on Saturday when the decision is made among the professional men and in his age group 55 to 59 at the World Championships. His daughter Eva, who arrived on Thursday and actually wanted to support her father in the competition, will be there.

“I feel better now. So I’m sure I’ll have a great time with my daughter here in Hawaii. As I watch the competition from the sidelines, I’m sure to shed a tear every now and then. But the time here on the beautiful island and life in the Ironman community will remain unforgettable for me,” says Frank Dombek.

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