Hawaii 5-0 (season 10): shock of heroes for McGarrett and Magnum, a final already seen on TF1

CBS’s two Hawaiian series, Hawaii 5-0 and Magnum, delivered a two-part crossover. In France, the pear is cut in two since these two programs have two different broadcasters, M6 and TF1. The first part takes place in the universe Hawaii 5-0 which continues its tenth and final season from 9:05 p.m. this Saturday, May 1, 2021.

After crossing the road of NCIS : Los Angeles and MacGyver, Commander McGarrett and Danny Williams meet with Private Detective Magnum and his former Navy Seals comrades. Juliett Higgins notably accompanies Thomas Magnum to find a stolen list of agents in the boot of the CIA. Documents written in Chinese under a mini-fridge are found and an armed man seizes them, puncturing the tires of the investigator’s Ferrari.

The final of the crossover broadcast upstream on TF1

The second part of this cross was broadcast in August 2020 on TF1 during season 2 of Magnum. Magnum and Higgins had lent a hand to Tani and Quinn to free Junior, who was being held captive by dangerous criminals. This episode had the support of 3.29 million curious people, or a market share of 20%.

On the side of M6, the last unpublished ofHawaii 5-0, programmed on Saturday April 24, held the attention of 2.16 million French people and 8.9% of them in front of the small screen. A score identical to that broadcast as a bonus seven days earlier.

Can M6 slash champagne with Magnum?

For this crossover, the private channel will nevertheless have fierce competition between the episode of The Voice (TF1) devoted to Cross Battles and which precedes the semi-final, the second evening of the maestros tournament of Do not forget the lyrics (France 2) as well as the successful series, Cassandra (France 3) in unpublished with the “Temps mort” survey.