have a prettier library by downloading new thumbnails

Steam is much more than a game library for many of its players. Beyond being a trunk of titles, that this extension of our hobby is pretty to look at It is something curcial for more than one. And it is logical, we all like things tidy and well decorated.

After the redesign suffered by the Steam library, back in 2019, everything is prettier, yes, but some of its games have not been adapted to Valve’s new design, something that can not only shock at first sight, but also destroy the aesthetics so currada that the program boasts. Although at first glance it seems that we can only wait for the developers to update their games, there is a way thanks to which we can take justice into our own hands and beautify our collection.

How to Customize Thumbnails on Steam

If you’re like me and, looking at the photo above, you felt your spider-sense kick in, there’s a very, very simple way to fix the mess:

  • Haz right clickor about the game.
  • Tap “Manage.”
  • Select the “Use custom illustration” option.

With this, if you have an illustration to use, you will be able to override the one Steam uses by default and have a much cooler and more consistent library than before. This, moreover, is not something that you can only do with games that have an ugly thumbnail, but you can change the thumbnail of any video game to fit what you like. By the way, if you get tired of your custom thumbnail, just repeat the steps above and click on “Delete custom artwork”.

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But of course, this is where a sea of ​​logic question comes in for this article. “Where do I get the thumbnails?” Graphic design masters can if they want to make their own, but not all of us have artistic gifts (or the corresponding time) to create personalized covers for our games. Don’t worry! The Internet has your back covered.

The SteamGridDB website (or the equivalent SubReddit) is a haven for those who want to customize your Steam to the fullest. Do you need a new image for any game? Give it without fear, it is most likely that you will find it there. This is not even just for Steam titles, but if you add video games from outside the Valve platform (such as, for example, a GOG title), you will most likely be able to find images for it there.

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Also customize your banners

Of course, your journey through SteamGridDB does not end here, nor through the customization of the Valve client, and it is not only the thumbnails that you can change in your favorite titles. You will have noticed that, when you select one, you also have a extended banner with the game and its name. All this can also be modified.

  • Right click on the image.
  • If you want to change the photo, choose “Set custom background”.
  • If you prefer to modify the logo, use the “Set custom logo” option.
  • To move and resize the logo, use “Adjust logo position”.

In the end, having the most beautiful Steam is within everyone’s reach. You have all kinds of thumbnails and backgrounds: super elaborate designs, fanarts, minimalist pieces and even animated thumbnails and banners. Here the limit is set by you, so I encourage you to mess around with your Steam, spend time making everything nice and then, every time you open the client, you feel full of satisfaction when you see that your library is the coolest of all your group of friends.



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