Hatem Amour: My wife’s cancer is the hardest thing I’ve been through..and I take my salary from it

Moroccan singer Hatem Amour was a guest on a talk show, during which he talked about his artistic career, his private life, and the period of his wife’s illness.

Hatem Amour said that the most difficult thing he went through in his life was the period of his wife’s illness with cancer: The most difficult thing was my wife’s illness, and God healed her and she came back safely. She followed all the sessions with her and recovered from cancer, and I thank all the doctors who treated her, and I thank her for her patience and determination to overcome the disease.

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Hatem Amour continued, talking about his wife, that she was his girlfriend before their marriage: She was not my business manager before our marriage, but she was my friend, and she was at any party making notes and taking her care of me, so I suggested to her that she let go of her job, and after we married, she decided to leave the job and stuck to the management of my money and stride upward .

Hatem Amouri added, she is the one who owes me the salary of all my money, she has no account between loved ones, she takes control of matters, managing the business and the budget, and I am free for my art only.

Singer Hatem Amour also talked about his childhood, revealing that he was a football player in his childhood, saying: When I was young, my hobby was playing musical instruments, and I did not realize my singing talent at the time, but at the age of 12 I was playing football and moved to Wydad Casablanca At the age of 17, I stopped playing football due to a knee injury.

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