Has “options for improvement”

Has “options for improvement”


The governor announced that there will be a new offer to teachers

While defending the staggered 33.5% proposal, which was flatly rejected, the president opened another door.

Perotti spoke in Rafaela about the teacher conflict.
Perotti spoke in Rafaela about the teacher conflict.

From Santa Fe

Omar Perotti revealed yesterday that his government has “options to improve” the 33.5% increase that he offered to teachers in three tranches: 17.5% in March, 8% in May and 8% in July (with revision clauses). in May and July) and when asked what those variables would be, he replied that “there are incentives” –as he called the percentages- that “can be improved or advanced”. “Santa Fe’s offer is very good” -the governor defended her- “and surely on that floor we will be much closer to an agreement.” “We have margins and elements that allow us to be optimistic so that we can reach an understanding” with public and private teachers.

Perotti spoke of the teacher conflict -after an official act in Rafaela-, but with a very different tone from that of his Minister of Labor Juan Manuel Pusineri and the undersecretary of the branch, Eduardo Massot, who criticized the Amsafé and Sadop unions because before the first wage proposal was rejected with a four-day strike. In Amsafé, the rejection totaled 97.7% of the votes (30,436 against 703) and in Sadop it was decided almost unanimously. The fight plan will begin tomorrow with a 48-hour strike and a march of teachers and professors from all over the province to the Ministry of Education, at 10, under the slogan: “Classes begin on the street.” And if the government does not improve the offer – as Perotti slipped yesterday – another 48-hour strike is already called for Tuesday the 7th and Wednesday the 8th of March.

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The governor explained why the proposal to teachers was formalized in the last week of February. The unions have “a mechanism that does not sign any agreement without first hearing what the offer of the national parity is.” And when that materialized, Santa Fe offered the same increase of 33.5% in the provincial parity, on Wednesday, February 22, after the long weekend. “I wish we could have resolved (these negotiations) in all areas in December of each year, that we finish the school year and start it in March with a defined teaching scale. But, in the last (ten) years, there have been difficulties to start classes on time and form, unfortunately”, recalled Perotti. This happened, not only in his government, but also in those of his predecessors Miguel Lifschitz and Antonio Bonfatti, from 2012 until now.

-Does it have possibilities of increasing the offer to teachers? -They Asked.

-There are always options to continue improving and analyzing how it impacts each of the categories. There are incentives that can be improved or advanced, the president specified. The proposal is very good, equal to the national parity, it contains very close revisions, in May, with which any lag (of the salary in relation to inflation) could be corrected quickly. We have margins and elements that allow us to be optimistic so that we can reach an understanding with public and private teachers.

The governor’s political optimism is explained: a while before he opened the envelopes with offers to build another Post-Pandemic Model Building for a primary and secondary school in the Mora neighborhood of Rafaela, with an investment of more than 3,000 million pesos. The Minister of Infrastructure, Silvina Frana, said that “it will have 24 classrooms for 800 students, cross ventilation, quality infrastructure, solar panels and an orchard.” “Building a new school has to put us all well, beyond this discussion of the situation” with the teachers. “The underlying issue is that it is invested, and a lot is invested in education in Santa Fe, and this is surely something that teachers, managers and the educational community agree on.”

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The government also “invests a lot in the Free Educational Ticket so that there is not a single child with financial difficulties from any family without attending school. But it also covers all teachers, at all public and private levels. They are very important efforts in education that do not go back and put us in a common scheme and in agreement with all”, pointed out the governor. There are already “more than 150,000 registered for the Educational Ticket. Last year the investment in the Ticket exceeded 6,000 million pesos, which goes directly to the pockets of the families of the students, teachers and school assistants”. The amount of this investment is equivalent to two Post-Pandemic Model Buildings like the one that was tendered yesterday.

-How is the negotiation with the state unions UPCN and ATE?

-It is being talked about, there is a lot of dialogue. Will have to polish some things. But the increase (33.5%) in everything that has been seen in the country in the parities of the public and private sector, is a very good floor. Surely on that floor we will be much closer to an agreement with all the unions of the State.

Yesterday, Minister Pusineri revealed that none of the 17 provinces that start the school year tomorrow without conflicts have a better initial teacher salary than in Santa Fe. In December, a grade teacher with a simple shift and without seniority earned 127,730 pesos in the province, more than other jurisdictions such as Córdoba (114,000 pesos), Buenos Aires (113,000 or the Federal Capital (105,000). “Santa Fe is one of the provinces that invests the most in teacher salaries. This is achieved, because in the year In 2022, the parity closed at 9.2% above the annual inflation measurement”, recalled the Minister of Labor.

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