Please note that this article contains spoilers.

In all fairness it must be said that it produces hilarious and iconic images to see John and Rob, two men who do not like each other at all and express it to each other, for days on a remote island. John the island warden who doesn’t lift a leg and Rob who has to arrange just about everything his camp mate leaves behind – this is something the fans will talk about for a long time.

Meanwhile, more and more candidates are voted out who are then left at the grumblers on the island. Where normally candidates can choose themselves against whom they duel, this year is different. The last two dropouts play against each other, making Rob and John feel like royalty.

While the mental game is just as Robinson-worthy as the physical, these two men don’t have to battle episode after episode. Except with each other, then. The viewer will like that. ‘Are Rob & John setting the scene this season or something? They don’t have to do anything for their stay’, it is indignant. “No Jasper, and that while Rob and John have been sitting there for weeks and have nothing to do!?” tweets someone who is disappointed that Jasper loses Anouk’s duel.

Expeditie Robinson is broadcast every Thursday and Sunday at 8 p.m. on RTL 4.

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