Prince Harry will not be arriving for the celebration in honor of Princess Diana.

Bild: dpa / Kirsty Wigglesworth

On October 19, the celebration will take place in honor of the late Princess Diana and Prince Harry was actually on the guest list. But now Lady Di’s son has canceled, as the British newspaper “Dailymail” reported on Sunday. That could put a further strain on the shattered conditions of the Royal Family.

The event was supposed to take place on July 1st, when a statue in honor of the deceased nobles was unveiled on their birthday. At that time, both brothers – Harry and William – were also present.

So far there has only been a celebration with very few guests

Harry traveled to Kensington Palace to attend the ceremony. His wife Meghan had to cancel because she had just given birth to the couple’s second child.

She did not miss much, because due to the Corona rules, the celebration was only held on a very small scale.

Harry keeps his brother William at a distance

The replacement celebration is now to take place on October 19: Around 100 guests are invited, including the musician Elton John. Not there: Prince Harry.

A spokeswoman for the prince confirmed on Saturday evening that the prince would not attend the event. The gesture is perceived as a sign of the growing rift between Harry and William.

The couple’s children have not yet met the royal family either

A source told the “Dailymail”: “The belated celebration was supposed to take place in September, but was postponed because the family members had to check their diaries.”

The Lilibet couple’s daughter has not yet met any other member of the royal family in person. Her brother Archie has not been in the UK for more than a year.

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Harry is writing his memoir

Harry has announced that he is working on his memoir. He wants to publish this next year, whom the Queen celebrates her 70th anniversary on the throne.

According to the newspaper, Kensington Palace refused to comment.


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