Harry Maguire: Court convicts ManUnited captain of brawl and attempted bribery

Vacation in Mykonos
Police attacked, officials bribed: Serious allegations against ManUnited captain Maguire

Because he is said to have attacked a police officer on the Greek holiday island of Mykonos, a court sentenced Manchester United professional Harry Maguire (left) to a long suspended sentence.

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A court in Greece has sentenced the English professional footballer Harry Maguire to a heavy suspended sentence. The allegations against the Manchester United captain are grave. The 27-year-old denies it.

Captains should be role models – and not just in football. They should step in the breach for their teammates, keep their backs free and appear diplomatically in discussions with the referee. Harry Maguire, captain of the English record champions Manchester United, missed a lot of all this during his summer vacation on the Greek island of Mykonos. At least that is what a court that sentenced the 27-year-old claims. The England international is said to have been involved in a brawl. The judges gave the central defender a suspended sentence of 21 months and ten days. The last word has not yet been spoken.

Tough allegations: Maguire appeals

The allegations by the Greek judiciary sound grave. Accordingly, the judges found Maguire guilty of attacking a police officer. In addition, the professional footballer is said to have tried to bribe an official. Possibly to refrain from reporting. The court made short work in the truest sense of the word. The Briton received almost two years probation for his alleged dropouts. Maguire denies all allegations, even spoke in connection with his arrest of having been kidnapped. He appealed the judgment. The process will now be rolled out again.

“Positive person”: Red Devils hold on to captain

In Old Trafford, the legendary home of Manchester United, Maguire is not to be missed. “He was always a positive person with the right values,” said coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in an interview published on the club website on Saturday. Maguire will continue to lead the team as captain on the lawn in the coming season, despite the incident. He had had a “difficult summer” but dealt with the situation very well. Maguire had only moved from league rivals Leicester City to the “Red Devils” in Manchester last year.

Gareth Southgate, England’s national soccer team coach, continues to rely on Maguire. After he had deleted him from the squad for the games of the Nations League, he announced that he would soon be nominated again for the games of the “Three Lions”.


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