Harris County calls on residents not to go to hospitals to get tested for coronavirus | Univision 45 Houston KXLN

HOUSTON, Texas. – Harris County health authorities call on the population not to go to hospitals to get tested for covid-19 to avoid saturation of medical centers.

According to officials, the Ben Taub and LBJ hospitals are experiencing problems due to the large number of patients: “We reached the highest level in the history of hospitalized covid-19 patients,” said Dr. Esmael Porsa, president from Harris Health System.

The doctor. Porsa highlighted that at the worst moment of the pandemic, during last summer, hospitalizations reached 184 bedridden, and currently 203 admissions are registered: “Every day we have up to 15 intensive care beds that cannot receive patients because there are no personnel who take care of them,” he said.

Recently, the state of Texas authorized hospitals to hire nurses through agencies and Harris County approved 40 million for the necessary personnel.

Who should get tested

  • People who have symptoms of covid-19.
  • Fully vaccinated people who have close contact with an infected person should be tested 5 to 7 days after their last exposure.
  • People who are not fully vaccinated should get tested right away if they have had close contact with an infected person.
  • If their test result is negative, they should be retested 5-7 days after their last exposure or immediately if symptoms develop.

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