Harmful words and threats..Bossi’s husband reveals a dangerous secret about what happened on the wedding night..you won’t believe what he said!

The famous Egyptian hairdresser, Hisham Rabie, responded for the first time to the circulating video clip from his wedding to the Egyptian singer Bossi, where she appeared irritated and threatened to cancel the wedding.

Hisham Rabie appeared during the “Al-Wasat Al-Fanni” program on one of the satellite channels, and commented for the first time about the video clip of his wife threatening to cancel the joy, as she appeared angry.

Hisham confirmed that his wife, the Egyptian artist, Bossi, was mixing with one of the invited art stars, as she was very natural and was not angry or preoccupied with anyone.

The pioneers of communication circulated a video of her from inside her wedding to the hairdresser Hisham Rabie, uttering offensive words and threatening to end the marriage.

And her husband revealed that the video circulating to his wife with joy and threatening to cancel it, was a joke from her with a person, and she did not get excited as the public thought.

He said, during media statements, that the main reason for her fatigue is the frequent dancing with her friends and the shoes she was wearing.

He also added that Bossi is characterized by lightness of blood and kindness of heart, noting that the uproar that occurred on the circulating video due to the influence of social media and the speed of its spread.

A few days ago, Bossi celebrated her wedding in a Grand Hotel in Cairo, in the presence of a large number of art stars.

The past hours witnessed her first appearance as she sang at the wedding of the daughter of scriptwriter Medhat El-Adl, which was held a few days ago in a Cairo hotel, and caught the attention of her first appearance days after her marriage.



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