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Elif Akbayrak, 11, who disappeared on the plateau in Bulancak district of Giresun, survived in the region. Bulancak District Governor, who gave the good news 33 hours after the disappearance of the little girl, said “He just said he was a bit hungry and scared.”

Bulancak District Governor Ali İkram Tuna said that 11-year-old Elif Akbayrak was alive in the region by the gendarmerie teams who were continuing their searches this morning.

“He had no problems”

Expressing that Akbayrak is in good health, Tuna said, “Everything is fine. He had no problems. He just said he was a bit hungry and scared.”

Tuna noted that Elif Akbayrak will be brought to Bulancak State Hospital for health checks.

Elif Akbayrak was lost in the fog while returning home yesterday👇

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