In the midst of the crisis unleashed by the Covid-19, the boom in the use of technology was evident, however, before this global pandemic, technology was already an important part of many people’s lives, which is why in the midst of strict quarantines, searches for exercises at home , meditation, recipes, series and movies, increased considerably. According to the most recent Google Trends report ‘2020 Trends in Colombia’, the cities with the highest search index were: Cartagena, Cali, Bucaramanga, Bogotá and Medellín.

At the time of greatest demand for wellness and entertainment services, the Hanu Fit team saw the opportunity to undertake and, likewise, contribute to improving the health of thousands of citizens. The starting point was to create an open fitness and wellness platform, that is, a model of mental and physical well-being, combining sport, nutrition and relaxation. A very assertive business idea for the global situation.

Because mental health problems were with high rates in the population, since before the pandemic, and increased due to multiple causes such as: confinement, loss of loved ones, unemployment, and work overload. According to Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director of the World Health Organization (WHO), despite the multiple damage caused by COVID-19, there is also the opportunity to “begin to correct the historical neglect of health mentally, and likewise, make serious commitments to increase investment, which in the future will generate far-reaching changes at a social and economic level ”.

How does the Hanu Fit streaming platform work?

The way to access the platform is very simple, you must go directly to the website, or download the application for Android or IOS, then you must enter your data for registration and create your account, where you will enjoy a Free experience for 14 days, and once this trial is finished, the monthly subscription charge will start. In addition, the platform will regularly ask you some questions that will help you customize your experience and achieve your goals, both physically and mentally.

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Tomislav Matijevic, one of the executive directors of Hanu Fit, indicates that the authenticity of their services lies in “the variety of classes, the quality of production, which includes outdoor locations and studios, the quality and specialization of the coaches. In addition to the usability and intelligence that the platform itself has ”.

Currently, Hanu Fit has more than 30 thousand people registered on the platform, where its main audience is Spanish speakers, who mostly live in Latin America, however, the European market has also been conquered with these wellness services , since the company also has a presence in Spain. The mission of this organization is to promote the culture of exercise and well-being in all people, therefore the advice provided on its platform is aimed at those who wish to acquire healthy lifestyle habits, either working individually or as a team.

“Our business model is designed so that companies hire this service for their collaborators, so that they can enjoy the benefits of the platform. In the same way, Hanu Fit was also created for people who want to change their habits and be part of this lifestyle ”, explained Matijevic, who also added that:“ we came up with the idea of ​​helping people. We know that, if we change the life of a single person, this will have already been worth it, imagine, then, if we manage to change the culture of a company or organization, managing to impact thousands of families, who in turn will do the same in their respective communities and spaces where they operate ”.

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The integration of multiple wellness services such as: nutrition, exercise, mental health and relaxation, makes Hanu Fit one of the most complete platforms, however, the fact that its coaches are of different nationalities also creates an enriching experience for cultural level, which has captivated more than 30,000 users, the company expects this figure to multiply, and that by the end of 2022 the goal of reaching one million users, both Spanish-speaking and other languages, was achieved. that the next challenge is to establish a foothold in Brazil, the country of ‘jogo bonito’.

Colombian panorama

Colombia stands out for being one of the cradles of Latin American sports, it is a power in skating, it has produced great heroes and heroines of cycling and bmx, and in the same way, it has a strong culture in the practice of popular sports such as football and soccer. basketball.

For the writer and sociologist, Pablo Alabarces, it is through sport that a society is built and its values ​​are created, and based on this premise, it is highly significant to highlight the importance of sport and exercise in human well-being, since, according to the District Secretary of Health, exercising regularly reduces between 20% and 35% the risks of suffering cardiovascular diseases; between 26% and 28% hypertension; between 20% and 30% of breast cancer, type 2 diabetes and stroke, and between 30% and 40% of colon cancer.

Tomislav Matijevic explained that offering services on his platform in Colombia, including physical activity, is “tremendously attractive, challenging and motivating. Colombia naturally has in its people and in its blood, the motivation to be and feel good, so we love being part of that path and process ”.

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The Ministry of Sports recommends that children and young people under 18 years of age should do a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity daily, those over 18, 150 minutes of moderate physical activities, and seniors, 150 minutes of activities physical exercises per week, where the recommended exercises are strength and balance. It should be noted that the Hanu Fit platform is open to all audiences: boys, girls, men, women and the elderly, the advice will be personalized according to the interests and needs of the users.

Premium and Super Premium Digital Subscription Privileges

Premium and super-premium digital package subscribers will be able to enjoy free access to the Hanu Fit platform, where they will receive advice focused on: physical activity, nutrition, mental health and relaxation. An opportunity to improve and acquire new habits, but mainly to take care of health.

Additionally, there will be permanent access to the journalistic and exclusive content of investigations, newsletters, opinion columns, crossword puzzles and podcasts, and other added values ​​such as: events with the newsroom and guests. You can also attend the Reading Club, which is held in partnership with the publishing house Penguin Random House.

Within the package there are training courses with the educational platforms Crehana and Making People, which allow access to free monthly virtual courses in areas such as well-being, happiness, cooking, pastry, etc. To know the benefits of this subscription plan, we invite you to enter here.


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