Handball – Hollabrunn needs a miracle for the championship title

There is no more excitement in the promotion play-off of the Bundesliga! Before the last round kicks off at 6 p.m. next Saturday, three clubs still have realistic chances of winning the championship title.

These three teams, Tyrol, Korneuburg and Hollabrunn, are within two points and can still win the title, the Tyroleans have the best cards. However, Hollabrunn has it in his own hands in a direct duel in the Weinviertel Arena, even if it is going to be damn difficult. We have examined and clarified all possible final scenarios:

Tyrol becomes champion if …

… you win or draw in Hollabrunn. Or if you lose in the Weinviertel Arena by a maximum of one goal, then it doesn’t matter how Korneuburg plays.

Or you lose with fewer than eight goals and Korneuburg doesn’t win in Traun. That’s why it’s time for Korneuburg to keep their fingers crossed for their “arch-rival”.

Korneuburg becomes champion if …

… is won in Traun and at the same time Tirol loses in Hollabrunn. However, not with a difference of more than eight goals, because then the Hollabrunners would celebrate. Why? Because if three teams have the same number of points, a mini-table is created in which only the direct duels are included. If Innsbruck lose by minus one, then even a win won’t help Korneuburg.

Hollabrunn becomes champion when …

… the UHC Tirol is defeated with a difference of eight goals. Then it doesn’t matter how the Korneuburgers play in Traun.

“But the starting position still speaks against us, because we have to win so high first,” UHC manager Gerhard Gedinger considers the situation soberly. Mainly because the Tyroleans have never lost so much in the current season, regardless of whether it’s the regular season or the play-offs.

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After the “crime” there’s a live broadcast

“Sharp shooter” Kristof Gal, who couldn’t play against Traun, should be fit again by Saturday. Otherwise, coach Ivica Belas can fall back on the entire squad. And if you want to watch more handball after a nerve-wracking 60 minutes: The UHC will then broadcast the second HLA Master League final game between Krems and Hart in the sports café on the big screen.



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