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The Egyptian artist, Hanan Shawky, revealed the Egyptian artist, which she described as “the strongest” of Adel Imam.

Hanan Shawky said, during her meeting with the media, Raghida Shalhoub, on the “Nes El Kalam” program on “Al-Nahar” channel, that “the artist Ahmed Zaki is stronger artistically and representatively than the artist Adel Imam,” noting that Adel Imam has divine charisma.

She explained that the reason for her departure from the artwork is that what is presented to her is bad, stressing that she “feels that the camera is her friend, and therefore she cannot embody a role in which she does not see herself.”

And she talked about the difficult moments that she went through after suffering a health problem, as she explained that she had a stroke and for days she did not know anything about her because her symptoms did not appear, but she made it clear that there was a moment she passed while she was driving the car, and she became unable to continue, as she felt abnormal symptoms and that she was among them. And between death moments to the point that she was exposed to a traffic accident, to ask for rescue.

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