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Status: 18/10/2022 20:54

It’s an unusual break-in: in the center of Hamburg on Tuesday morning, strangers drove a car into the window of the Chanel boutique – to rob it.

The burglars drove into the Chanel shop window on Neuer Wall in the early morning in an old Audi. There they cleaned the exhibit, stole jewelry and clothes and then fled in an unknown direction. The car was left in the shop window by the offenders.

Unsuccessful search for the perpetrators

The car was apparently stolen beforehand, the police were able to speak to the owner. With a total of 16 patrol cars, the police searched for the burglars in the city center for two hours – without success. The investigation continues. The officials now want to evaluate the images from the store’s surveillance camera.

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NDR 90.3 | NDR 90.3 Current | 18.10.2022 | 08:00 a.m

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