Since November 15th, the Spartans have been fighting against each other in the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite on various maps in various game modes. With it, of course, as in every competitive game: Ranked. How does the Halo Infinite Ranked System work and what is the fastest way to climb up the rank?

The only ranked mode currently available is called Ranked Arena. On a selection of maps you can compete in four game modes against players on all platforms. The ranked format is currently limited to the classic four against four. The following ruleset is active (analogous to the ruleset of the official Halo Infinite eSport format):

  • BR75 Weapon Starts
  • Combat Sensor Disabled
  • Friendly Fire Enabled
  • Grenade Hitmarkers Disabled
  • Static Item Spawns
  • 4v4-Setting

Ranking System

The ranks in Halo Infinite are divided into six tiers, each with 6 levels. This does not include the highest rank, onyx. The lowest tier of the ranks is Bronze 1. After Bronze 6 you move up to Silver 1 and so on.

After ten games in the Ranked Arena Queue, you will be divided into one level. It is still unclear how exactly the Halo Infinite Ranked System works. However, it can be assumed that your individual performance and your win / loss ratio have a major influence on your rank.

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How do I improve my rank in Halo Infinite

If you play well, you get promoted. You will always end up in a game with opponents at your level. That makes all games very exciting and the one who performs best also gets promoted. You will notice whether you can just continue to play and win at your level or whether you urgently need to work on your aim if you want to move up. But what does playing well mean? Playing well means getting kills, getting assists and fulfilling objectives. Minimizing deaths and being helpful to the team are also essential.

Halo Infinite eSport

ESports organizations are also allowed to get involved in Halo Infinite: The HCS Kickoff Major will take place from December 17th to December 19th and there is a roadmap with all the cornerstones of the competitive Halo Season 20211-2022. The highlight: Halo World Championship 2022 in Seattle in October next year. It looks like Halo would like to get a place in the sun (again) alongside the other esports discipline giants.

Halo Infinite Competitive Roadmap


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